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While reading the newspaper, Claudia-Marie is amazed at how much tax payer money the govt. is giving away to rich CEO's of banks, car manufacturers, and wall street. So Claudia-Marie calls the White House and has a talk with the President about the possibility of getting some of that money for herself. The Prez quickly dispatches one of his staff to negotiate a deal for the saggy tit whore to get a Big Tit Bailout, but not before she has her enormous tits stretched and ripped while her shaved milf pussy is destroyed by nine inches of Alabama Black Snake.

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The big tit whore hits the basketball court to shoot some hoops. Eddie, an Australian tourist happens by and spots her. Claudia-Marie mistakes Eddie's accent and thinks he's French. Finding herself aroused by his "French" accent, Claudia-Marie has her own big basketballs worked over by the Australian Impaler. After enjoying her tight shaved pussy and squeezing her melons dry, Eddie delivers a gallon of sperm from "Down Under" right into Claudia-Marie's open mouth.

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Claudia-Marie recently performed one of her "private shows" for a guy named Jack Van Patrick. And of course, Claudia-Marie is always wanting a big hard cock so she started fucking him on a regular basis behind her husband's back. But what she didn't know was Jack was married too! And Jack's wife, Honey White caught Jack on the phone with Claudia-Marie. Jack confessed everything and Honey went to Claudia-Marie's home to confront her. Tempers flared and Honey ended up beating the big tit whore down and then decided that she wanted some of what her husband had been getting! So she took out a big strap on and proceeded to tear the big titty whore's asshole out with it! And now the girls are best of friends and meet once a week for lesbian anal sex! Damn, I love this job!

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A few weeks back, Taylor Johnson tricked Claudia-Marie into believing that he was a big shot in the porn industry. After he had enjoyed the big tit blonde it was revealed that he wasn't. And even though Claudia-Marie was VERY pissed off, Taylor enjoyed that shaved pussy so much that he devised a new scheme with his buddy Stunt. Stunt is a regular "customer" of Claudia-Marie so the big tit whore went along with the idea. The boys gave her an envelope with $5,000 in it to fuck both of them at the same time. Then after they had worked that milf pussy AND double penetrated the whore too...Claudia-Marie discovers the envelope is empty as Taylor & Stunt run out of the house!

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